The House

Leleshwa – Bush House is a getaway with a Unique history built by a visiting tourist Virginia Louise who used the place as her house, today its run by Richard Mwangi a BPO Entrepreneur turned hotelier as a guest house , it’s your ideal story book house!

Situated on the South East of the Nairobi City, this magnificent house is built on a gorge; the Embakasi gorge overlooking Nairobi National Park and Sirore sanctuary. The gorge is part of the Great Rift Valley and hosts a seasonal river that is the life line for a great fauna and flora. The natural beauty of the riverine offers a wonderful panorama valley Below .An Old Buffalo and Five ‘resident’ rock hyraxes welcome visitors to this set up and will accompany you during the stunning sunsets and sunrise moments on the wooden deck- this is not to be missed.

The 4 bedroom house offers a perfect getaway for families, groups and couples. The house is set with 4 furnished bedrooms with solar heated showers, a large seating room, dining area, furnished kitchen and a deck.

The neigbouring national park affords one the unique opportunity to view wild animals across the gorge on the rolling plains of the national Park or scattered around the vast savanna landscape with acacia trees dotting across the open plains.

The environment at Leleshwa is a haven for nature lovers who get to interact first hand with a host of bird life you can literally count up to 30 species on a good morning; from the white bellied bustards to white wagtails, plants ranging from medicinal to the even aphrodisiac  not to mention the wild sisal that grows exclusively on the gorge. Bush walks and Horse riding are activities guests can engage in including a tour of Kitengela Glass operated by our neighbor Nani Croze of the Famous Kitengela Glass.

The nights at Leleshwa are unforgettable; enjoy a warm evening at the fire place in the seating room or a full bonfire under the stars. The roaring of the lions and leopards often pierce the stillness of the night- the night creatures surely proclaim themselves to the world, or even better a male’s sure way of marking his territory.

The place has proved popular with families, book writers, investment groups and honeymooners who come to savor the Masai Mara type environment 40 minutes from capital. Due to demand a 50 seater conference facility is planned.

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